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Basic Web design | Creative Web design | Ecommerce Web design | Custom Web design

This is the simplest and the fastest way we offer to get on the internet with professional quality designing, high end graphics, sliders and images. Best suited for new or small businesses and services or people looking to upgrade from older designs and codes at economical costs. The basic design package normally consists of upto 15 pages of HTML5 / CSS3 design which will include beautiful slider on home page and web based forms which are directly submitted to your email account. As per the package we offer to insert upto 25 images / photographs of your choice besides web graphics and other web code.

Why Basic Web Design?

Most of our clients start with Basic Web Design because it is economical and has greater flexibility to slowly upgrade to more content as and when available. This package is also best suited if you wish to get Good Search Engine Rankings as neither it has a lot of pages to get indexed nor less to have limited content. A perfect blend for your Internet Presence.

How Much?

Starting at Indian Rupees 34,900/- only. Includes free Domain + Windows Hosting for one year. If you already have domain and hosting the pricing still remains the same. You can also transfer your domain and hosting to us to avail this benefit.

Package Features

  • Upto 15 Pages of HTML5 Design
  • International Quality Clean Design
  • 25 Photographs of your Choice
  • Web based forms directly submitted to your Email Account
  • Stylish Intro Slider on Home Page
  • 100% Search Optimized Pages
  • Lifetime warranty on any bugs in the code
  • FREE Domain + Windows Hosting for One year

Basic Web design | Creative Web design | Ecommerce Web design | Custom Web design

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