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Once you have a website, you are required to promote it on the popular search engines by advertisements and/or search engine optimization which will rank your website higher in the search results, thus driving more traffic and more sales and revenue. To achieve this, we use various in-house on-page and off-page techniques to gradually make the website rise in the search results on your given keywords/key phrases.

Why do SEO?

Website alone will not generate any traffic or revenue unless you advertise it or make it rank higher on the search engines with popular keywords that users are looking to find products and services.

How Much?

Starting at Indian Rupees 12,000/- per month. We have our own in-house techniques that are 100% legal and extremely effective to rank your website higher in search engines. We analyse keywords depending upon your business and proceed to make your website rank higher. Minimum period to see results is 3 months. Contract period is of minimum 18 months. We only take projects of clients that are patient and wish to carry their business to a new level.

Package Features

  • Business Analysis
  • Keyword / Trend Analysis
  • On-Page content and code reconstruction
  • Writing Additional content
  • Improving website flow
  • Off-Page content promotion
  • Managing Balance of inbound Good and Bad links
  • Monthly Search Reports

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